We Are Turning 65

We are turning 65. The world is watching us, don’t let just a few thousands UMNO members represent the whole Malay community or represent the whole Muslim community.

全世界都在注视着我们马来西亚作为一个主权国家,我们必须使用国家原则(RUKUN NEGARA ) 作为捍卫和保护我们的联邦宪法的“药物”和“维生素”。

The world is watching us Malaysia as a sovereign country, we must defend and protect our Federal Constitution by using the “medicines” and “vitamins” of RUKUN NEGARA.

Regarding the ongoing court cases which raised so many public sentiments and discussions, we should stick with the principle of Rukun Negara “Kedaulatan Undang-Undang”. Country comes first, everything else comes second.

Wisma Putra-KKR Golf Game

I am glad that the Wisma Putra-KKR Golf Game held on 17 July 2022 at The Mines Resort & Golf Club was conducted successfully. In this event, I introduced "chocolate golf" by rewarding good golfers achieving 2 pars or 4 pars in a row, and immediately there was this great golfer TS Boon Hock who scored 7 pars straight. Besides that, I also offered bonsai and a painting of Tiger Woods as the prizes for hole in one, but nobody managed to strike on that day.


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