Open Letter to all Malaysians and the Mainstream Media

The world is watching us Malaysia as a sovereign country, we must defend and protect our Federal Constitution by using the “medicines” and “vitamins” of RUKUN NEGARA.

Open Letter to all Malaysians and the Mainstream Media
The world is watching us, please wake up, especially the support for Najib is not that great as you may think, his supporters can be counted. Believe this, money cannot buy everything, and cash is not always king. In a civil society, a person who is convicted already lost all social status and the respect of the world. As Malaysians, we must feel and felt ashamed, the shamefulness, on what has happened in court and to our judiciary system. Only with the sense of shamefulness, an important DNA of human beings, we can move forward.

I really feel sorry for politician, public figure cum lawyer Zaid Ibrahim after reading the article by Manan Razali:

We all must be responsible for our future generations. Zaid’s firm was not able to resist temptation. Covid-virus is fearful, but “malu apa bossku” virus is even worse and more dangerous, it spread quickly and infected people easily, now it is threatening the social system and the reputation of Malaysia, the confidence and stability are at the level of critical danger. The world is watching us Malaysia as a sovereign country, we must defend and protect our Federal Constitution by using the “medicines” and “vitamins” of RUKUN NEGARA.

Kepercayaan Kepada TUHAN.

Even with big lawfirm previously given and acknowledged by Federal Court, somehow he had to end up defending for himself without a legal firm. This situation, this scenario, it is indeed God’s message. Having fear for God is the only way out, asking for forgiveness instead of keep committing wrongdoings. Nobody should be bigger than God. The God is the ONLY big Boss. So we must stick to the first principle of Rukun Negara.

KESETIAAN Kepada Raja Dan Negara.

Respecting our king who represents the Ruler Council to keep an eye on the government to ensure good governance. Respecting URUSAN SERI Paduka Baginda to make sure that no one is stealing the money of Rakyat. Now, the funds that belong to the armies also got stolen. Our armies risking their lives for us, they died to protect us. When enemies come, how are the armies going to fight without proper weapons to defend Malaysia? Angkatan Tentera Di-Raja, together with the veterans, come close to 1 million strong in number, even that they dare to steal their money. Talking about the veterans, many of them currently still living below the poverty line, and yet the funds of the army they dare to steal. When our soldiers and navies encountered the enemies, how are they going to fight without proper weapons? Look like our true enemies are not from the outside but from the inside.

Kesetiaan Kepada Raja Dan Negara must be upheld, with our King as the chief commander for the armies and the executive power of Cabinet is just for five years. Keep on borrowing money or wasting taxpayers money doesn’t solve any problem, all must be mindful of URUSAN SERI Paduka Baginda for the Rakyat of Malaysia.


The independence of the judiciary system must not be undermined. Respect the court, respect the judges, nobody should be above the Law, as per the Federal Constitution. We must all stay united to defend our federal court and our judges, in order to keep executive powers under control by our people, polices and armies, and the court, to make sure criminals go to jail if any wrongdoing has been committed. The disqualification of the Membership of Parliament must be strictly followed once a person is found to commit any wrongdoing.

We must not allow convicted persons to run around freely, to perform all kinds of misbehaviors and do all kinds of embarrassment to the nation.


Police Di-Raja are not “police di party”. Politicians must be guided and educated to differentiate between public offices and party offices, and must not use public resources for party interests. Give power back to the police, they give us peace and harmony for 65 years. Looking back, forming MACC is a big mistake, look at the corruption of today becoming more and more serious, and everyone would agree with me. MACC today, with personalities like Mr Cheah Chyuan Yong, a suspected gangster according to news turned into so-called international ISI chairman (but in fact just a privately held company) appointed by MACC to hold anti-corruption forums, latest one on May 27 this year. On the other hand, Mr. Cheah Chyuan Yong ISI turned out to be a best friend with Najib, using ISI to organize all sorts of “support bossku” rallies and campaigns, the latest one on July 29 in Ipoh supported by the MCA Youth Wing. Of course, Mr. Cheah also helped Najib to organize the 11th World Chinese Economic Forum, which was founded by me, on December 27, exactly 19 days after the December 8 verdict by the Court that convicted Najib with 12 years jail term. This is of utmost unimaginable, as I am the founder of WCEF. By respecting the Law, Kedaulatan Undang-Undang, I would never allow such things to happen, and I have written a series of articles to distance myself from all these embarrassments.

After that we saw a series of “malu-apa bossku” campaigns with embarrassing misbehaviors, all kinds of unthinkable and unreasonable and humiliating events including humiliating the PM, leading up to the 15 August, a 4-year long-waited delayed wayang-kulit trial.

And look how ugly it has become, to the extent of threatening the chief judge and threatening to cause bloodshed. Police must use SOSMA to start arresting these people. The nation should consider closing down the MACC by using the independent legislative power, parliament, go to parliament and not go to the streets to protest. Trust and give back the power to Police Di-Raja Malaysia, then we have Police, we have Raja, and we have Malaysians.

Kedaulatan Undang-Undang, there is enough Act, together with SOSMA, AMLA, put house arrest immediately. Nobody is above the Law, like the standard of DOJ of USA, the law of Singapore, how they executed 1MDB case must be learned and followed. Just a gentle reminder, a fellow Malaysian Mr. Roger Ng was extradited by the US government and in the jail of USA on 1MDB case. It is better to serve the jail term in Malaysia, you still can get Nasi Lemak and at the same time protect the sovereignty of our country.

Kesusilaan Dan Kesopanan.

Having no shame will destroy the values of our society, in fact, “shamefulness” is part of the DNA of human mankind for progress and for social orders beyond laws and regulations. That’s why it is the main core value of many religions, including Islam. Without a sense of shamefulness, mobs and gangsters will take leading positions and destroy the country. In the history of Malaysia, this is the first time ever that a Chief Justice has received a death threat and threatened for bloodshed. Where is the politeness and where is the morality?

Threatening to kill the chief justice is a very serious offense and must be arrested, we cannot allow the independence and integrity of our judiciary system to be attacked. All these are due to “malu apa bossku” virus.

In Islam, I was taught by fellow friends that there is only one Boss, the almighty Boss, and anybody saying malu apa bossku we should just reply “Allahuakbar”.

How can somebody go against the teaching of Islam and still think he is right to do so? A leader who is a true Muslim or a munafiq, this is for the Malay community to judge and decide as they are all Muslim, for non-Muslim we just follow the Article 3 of Federal Constitution. And I also enclose here a recording of our former PM on the teaching of Islam, the difference between true Muslim and Monafiq, which I fully agree:

Dear Malaysians, l see all these coming and have written to the Election Commission, the King, the Rulers Council as well as to my MCA Party President. Dear Malaysians, please wake up to protect the Independence of Judiciary system (IJ), the Rule of Law; and use Rukun Negara as our remedy to return to the right path, just like Indonesia using their Pancasila.

Merdeka, Merdeka, Rukun Negara.