We Are Turning 65

We are turning 65. The world is watching us, don’t let just a few thousands UMNO members represent the whole Malay community or represent the whole Muslim community.

<We Are Turning 65>

The world is watching us, don’t let just a few thousands UMNO members represent the whole Malay community or represent the whole Muslim community.

Malaysia has some 20 million Malays or Muslims, the delegates are only a mere 0.01 percent; The whole world has some 1,5 billion Muslims, the few thousands UMNO Muslims are smaller than a tiny sand from the total Muslim population in the world.

The majority of Malays and members do not act like that, the majority of Malays command the respect of the world; The culture and civilisation of Malays and Muslims, the character of Malays, all these are well respected by the world.

Among us, the Chinese and Indian communities, we have lots of Malay and Muslim friends that are nice and kind people, and we respect the Malay achievements in various fields, the philosophers, the scholars, the educators, the scientists, the architects, the lawyers, the artists; in the Covid pandemic the Malay doctors and nurses have done amazing job, and of course also the judges.

Many other good Malay qualities are yet to be discovered by the world. The Malay as a race is righteous and not greedy as they keep to the principle of moderation, Malay community with the Islamic virtues has taken the lead together with other races to build a beautiful country called Malaysia.

The few thousand persons in the UMNO gathering after Najib got sent to jail in Kajang, what they said and shouted, how they acted, these are all recorded in social media and spread to the world.

We have to send them a gentle reminder and a message, whether it is lawful to hit out to the judges, whether it is lawful as a political party under the law of Malaysia.

To hold such gathering using a party’s identity, which is part of the proud history of Malaysia 🇲🇾, challenging the independence of Judiciary system but in fact planning to snatch back the executive power. Is it right? Is this smart? Where is the spirit of the old UMNO leaderships, where is the UMNO spirit and the UMNO legacy of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn; Or Tun Ismail, Tun Ghafar Baba, Dato Onn Jaafar, and many other hidden Malay heroes.

Everything must have a limit, the morale and ethic, the humanity and the social value system, the system to right the wrongs must not be destroyed by one or few persons. Respect the law, abide by the principles of Rukun Negara, sing and understand the meaning of Negaraku, trust and use the spirit of Merdeka. Get out from the tempurung, life is bigger than just politics. Continue politicking or continue fighting doesn’t bring happiness or healthy lifestyles. We need stability, we need progress, especially when we are facing the most challenging world crisis with Covid and conflicts of war around the world. People who make mistakes can be excused but those committed wrongdoings should not be allowed to represent Malaysia to the world. Like Najib is not just mere citizen of Malaysia, his power and position made him well known in the eyes of the whole world, and very well known in the Muslim world. The world has changed in the Internet era, what we say and what we do today, within seconds not only would be known to the world, but would be recorded forever.

Seperti katak di bawah tempurung, a famous Malay proverb, is best to describe some of the Malaysian politicians and political parties today. The world is watching us, our future depends on how the world look at us, judging us, and take a position on us. I am 67, a golden age for a human, but for the country it is still young.

Happy 65 Merdeka, young Malaysia.

On the Eve of Merdeka.