2023 Selangor International Economic Summit

Congratulations to the Chairman of Country Heights Holdings Berhad, Tan Sri Mohd Anwar Mohd Nor, on receiving the Selangor Excellence Business Award at the KSI 2023 Selangor International Economic Summit. It was indeed a win well deserved.


Although it is just the beginning of 2023, the year has already brought many blessings, and this year marks 50 years since I first came from Batu Pahat to Kuala Lumpur with only RM100 in my pocket and a dream. Throughout the years, I have gained a lot of experience and I was given the opportunity to speak and share my experiences at the KSI 2023 Selangor International Economic Summit alongside Mr. Ho Chin Soon, Chairman of Ho Chin Soon Research Sdn Bhd; and Prof. Major (H) Dato’ Dr. Chin Yew Sin, JP and Advisor for Asia-Pacific Region, Global One Belt One Road Association, Thailand.


You can turn anything into an opportunity. Based on my experience, I believe that both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur have great potential and so many opportunities for the young generation in urban and property development.


I suggested to those who want to start a development project to build something that has to do with lifestyle development. Nowadays, you will hear a lot of talk about going green with solar and water energy, food production and food security, and these are all good opportunities for you to implement into your projects. Though the countryside may not have all the modern amenities, it gives you the opportunity to be the one to build it while making sure to be environmentally responsible. Invest in projects where although the initial investment would be high, it will provide a continuous high turnover.