Ramadan Kareem

20 years ago, I founded the Cheng Ho Multiculture Education Trust, which was meant to support the causes of world peace. We always believe that a single colour is not enough to paint a beautiful painting or make a beautiful garden, just like in Malaysia, a single race cannot make our land prosper.
Last night, together with Al Khaadem Foundation and Palace of the Golden Horses, we have organized a very colourful and unique orchid-themed Ramadan gathering and invited many religious leaders and groups, including Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and Christianity, and even Pak Amien Rais and Prof Din Syamsuddin, two very prominent religious leaders from our neighbouring country Indonesia. From different religious backgrounds and cultural practices, we all came to join and celebrate our diversity and knowledge for a harmonious society.
We also showcased the world’s longest paper-cutting artwork of Al-Quran, to promote the Islamic culture as well as the national unity based on our Rukun Negara principles. With a cross-religious gathering like this, hopefully we can spearhead an example and spark the colour of unity among fellow Malaysians.
Lastly, Ramadan Kareem to every Muslim friend, and may the holy month of Ramadan bring you plentiful blessings.