The 2023 Malaysian Housing and Property Summit

The property industry’s continuous development and adoption of technology and digitalization are key to future-proofing the industry. With the new digital era approaching and with technologies like Siri and ChatGPT, a change is inevitable and the property industry must also adapt and transform itself.

In the past and up until today, purchasing a property is a hassle, including getting a lawyer for legal and loan agreements, settling the stamp duties, obtaining the title transfers, etc. All of these should be simplified to better serve the buyers.

Hence, the digitalization of the property industry is inevitable, with technologies such as blockchain and Security Token Offering (STO) comes into my mind. I believe that adopting blockchain technology will open up a different level of market opportunity in the property sector.

I have shared the ideas with fellow participants and industry captains at the 2023 Malaysian Housing and Property Summit. Together we shall move the property industry forward and excel in the era of digital economy.