Election For A Better Malaysia???

I am a MCA life member, and I have contributed to BN’s success under Tun Mahathir 1.0, during his twenty two years era, alongside other comrades, businessmen, and fellow Malaysians.

Election For A Better Malayisa???

I am a MCA life member, and I have contributed to BN’s success under Tun Mahathir 1.0, during his twenty two years era, alongside other comrades, businessmen, and fellow Malaysians. And I am not fighting BN, not at all, when I accompanied Tun M to Ayer Hitam on his 3.0 mission (https://www.facebook.com/tsleekimyew/posts/402553111675883), I was actually fighting to uphold the 3 pillars of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. And supporting the courses to stop the “Malu-Apa” Campaign, as I have mentioned before: https://www.facebook.com/tsleekimyew/posts/375159414415253 

Firstly, I am fighting for the independence of Malaysian judiciary system. A criminal convicted by the esteemed judges of Malaysia and sentenced to 12 years jail must behave, one must feel the shame when one is wrong. An Ex-PM of Malaysia turned criminal and who is now under bail but acted as if he is an innocent person, this is exactly what I am fighting for, to preserve, defend, and protect the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. And as an Ex-PM, he must have made the oath of MP, to do the same. Under the law of Malaysia, if he is not jailed a.s.a.p, then the future of Malaysia and all Malaysians will be in danger. NOBODY should be above the law, and as a person under bail, he has given no respect to our laws and no respect to the judges, even when several of the most esteemed judges discredited him and claimed this a “NATIONAL EMBARASSMENT”. Despite the judges’ mercy placing him under bail, he does not show any regret and is still going freely toxifying around our youths with “malu-apa” campaign, toxifying the law and the order of Malaysia. Not only is he a symbol of corruption, but he is also a symbol of “malu”. Indeed, we as fellow Malaysian feel so shameful when the world looking at us, this is already an INTERNATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT. 

Secondly, as per the Article 8 of the Federal Constitution, all persons are equal before the law. And the law must not favour anyone, the lockup orange shirt which all wrongdoers had to wear; Shafie Apdal was forced to wear, Anwar Ibrahim was forced onto it the moment he was found guilty, Lim Guan Eng, and many others who went straight to jail.. The same must be applied too, to show that the law is equal, and a convicted criminal must be treated the same way, especially when he showed no respect at all towards the law and the order of Malaysia and continued to misbehave. This is to protect the independence of our judiciary system, and to keep the law in proper order. 

And thirdly, the 4th principle of Rukun Negara, “Kedaulatan Undang-Undang”, it must be the golden standard or the golden rules that govern our society and keeping it in its natural order. This is a social contract, that once a person is charged, convicted, and sentences passed upon him by the Court, then the only right is to have him serve his own wrongdoings. A bad person shall be punishable under our laws and must be striped off his political rights and society privileges IMMEDIATELY. It is a common sense that a person convicted under any crime, be it corruption or rape or murder, must not be allowed to run around freely just like that. Letting a convicted criminal roaming around freely, this is very worrying and dangerous. 

We must be united against a common enemy based on the fundamental values of our country’s Federal Constitution. I am not against BN. Instead, I am against a convicted criminal not serving the right justice, be it a commoner or an Ex-PM of Malaysia. No party is made up of all angels, and likewise, no party is made up of all devils. Even today, I am a life member of MCA, of which the leadership chose to be under BN; And I would like to call out to fellow BN members to be conscious and to have the courage to right the wrongs, and to correct the mistakes from within. Cooperating with a convicted criminal is definitely going against the MP Oath to preserve, defend and protect the Federal Constitution. Working with a convicted criminal is exactly like mistresses in the old era walking towards the graveyard and getting buried alive with a dead tyrant. Right the wrong, with courage and conscious. Country must come first, everything else comes second. 

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

(P.S.M., D.P.P.N., S.P.M.P., D.H.M.S, D.S.S.A)

A Life Member of MCA