1 Term Government In The Making???

“The truth advice is always hurting the ear, the good medicine is always very bitter”


I will learn Khat as a hobby and l welcome learning Khat as a form of art and not to make it a compulsory! Don’t introduce Jawi as a compulsory subject. A form of art should not be compulsory , compulsory means it becomes rules and regulations. This is not the right approach to promote something which is already good. Something which is already good does not need a compulsory and regulated approach. If wrongly approached, the end results will be reversed – this is something the politicians must learn.


As I have noticed and sympathise to alot of people in Malaysia who choose Islam as their faith and become a Muslim but compare to many other muslims of other countries which I know, Malaysia Muslim are rather regulated.


Regulated = Compulsory


I always believe all religions share a common value which is LOVE. No religion does not encourage this common value!


All religion teaches humans to love each other, but now religion is being used by ugly politicians to manipulate the people! They make use of the human natures weakness which is emotions and not rational. They turn none religious issues to religious issues, or miss interpretation of the religion teaching, using it to promote hatred feelings amongst the people and for their own political gain of popularity. l hope this is not the case for the Khat issue.


It is a concern where majority of the Chinese citizens are very emotional and are very divided. The Chinese opposition political party are waiting for the perfect opportunity to topple the current DAP!


PH component parties which is the government of the day, must give DAP a break and recognise the contribution of a statesman of Mr.Lim Kit Siang who didn’t ask for any official position of power – post 509. He and his party is getting hurt so much for these issues.


In my opinion, DAP has shown the most sincerity by their willingness to cooperate within the PH party components focusing on their ideology of #MalaysiaForMalaysians by calling the chinese community to have an open mind on the learning of Jawi although it is not a popular move.


The timing is totally wrong to introduce Jawi in Primary schools on compulsory basis and since the education minister promised no tests for Jawi, why the hurry?! Anyway worst still, we heard that this is a project initiated by the previous government!


I would like to advice the PH politicians to instead pay attention to issues such as Malu Apa Bossku and The X-Rated video.


These are big ISLAMIC value related issues that should be focused on. The people have all come together for one reason which is to save this country from the brink of bankruptcy and from a rule of kleptocracy government.


The promise of saving THE COUNTRY had led all Malaysians to trust in the PH government. The people came together for Malaysia waving the Jalur Gemilang with the hope of change. Sad to see after a year PH is cracking and breaking because it seems that now the party flag is more important than the country flag. It seems they prefer to fly their party flags first and the Jalur Gemilang second!


We must remind PH that you are now government, spending tax payers money, only for one term which is 5 years. But looking at how PH political party is governing the government of the day, PH government may not even be able to last one term if their party flag is more important than the country flag!


Their in-fighting have given chance and hope to BN especially UMNO that they may regain back the power. A BN government which PH described as a Kleptocracy government might make a come back!!!


Stop manipulating and be sincere to each other. If not your friendly Kleptocracy enemies will rise again as you are very friendly with them. So please really discuss whether is the learning JAWI a priority at this point of time?



Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew